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  • November 29, 2018

Volkswagen Polo GTI Engine & First Drive

Volkswagen Polo GTI Overview

Volkswagen made enthusiasts in the country happy when they launched the Polo GT TDI and GT TSI siblings which have been catering to the audience who are looking for not-so-expensive hot hatches that offer driving fun and obviously the German feel. To make enthusiasts even happier, Volkswagen went on to launch the GTI (Polo moniker removed) which is brought in as a CBU from Germany, gets lesser doors but a bigger engine with much more power and we were eagerly waiting to check it out. Volkswagen Polo GTI  price range in India is between 9,40,363/- to 9,40,363/, check for detail pricing of Polo GTI in Carzprice


Volkswagen Polo GTI Design

The light the body, the better is the performance. The smaller the wheelbase the better will be the handling. The Polo GTI for India will be a two-door version. This means it will be an ideal recipe for the enthusiasts. There is hot hatchback in India at the moment, which is two door. The Polo GTI will be coming to India with 17-inch alloy wheels mostly with Bridgestone Potenza low profile tyres.The fascia will resemble the Polo, however there will be a lot of differences in styling. This one will be a lot more sporty and this will be coming with a body kit as well. The Volkswagen Polo GTI will be getting red colour disc brakes and all the four brakes will have discs. Ohh and not to forget the dual exhaust pipes. The GTI can be instantly recognised, not just because of two doors but even its sporty stance that makes it a great option to consider.

Volkswagen Polo GTI Cabin

Like the exterior, the new hot-hatch has a classic GTI interior as well – sport seats with the famed ‘Clark’ tartan pattern upholstery, GTI-spec leather-trimmed steering wheel with red stitching (carried over from outgoing model), roof lining and roof pillars finished in black and a GTI gear shift grip. The layout of the dashboard on the sixth-gen model is free of clutter. The instrument cluster and the infotainment system sit alongside on the same layer and there are 13 dash pad colours to choose from.The all-black cabin of the GTI is really complemented by its grey dash pad. Also, the all-digital instrument cluster of the Polo can be customised differently for the GTI to make it stand out as opposed to the stock hatchback.

Volkswagen Polo GTI Engine

Under the hood of the Volkswagen GTI is the familiar 1.8-litre TSI petrol engine that is offered on the Skoda Octavia and Superb currently and was offered on the Audi A3 and A4 earlier. The engine has 189 horses and 250 Nm of twist and is mated to the infamous 7-speed DSG transmission. We have sampled this engine earlier on numerous occasions. The engine is super punchy right from the word go and the light weight of the GTI (compared to its bigger siblings) makes it super responsive. The low end is good and when the turbo kicks in, all hell breaks lose and the car accelerates very swiftly with 0-100 km/hr coming up in 7.2 seconds.

The mid-range is very punchy and the GTI revs freely right up to 6500 RPM without the action from the engine coming down. The engine is also very refined and the exhaust also sounds good at higher RPMs. The 7-speed gearbox is smooth and quick shifting. However, one thing I’ve always noticed with the DSG is that it gets a bit confused at low speeds. Also, when you’re going easy on the throttle, it has a tendency to upshift very quickly. S mode holds onto the revs while you also get a manual tiptronic mode along with paddle shifters. The TSI mill can be efficient up to the tune of 12-14 km/l if you drive the car sedately while hard driving makes the efficiency drop to 6-7 km/l.

Volkswagen Polo GTI Rideing

Despite a load of power and torque the GTi doesn’t tie itself up into knots. It is lively and entertaining while being a proper Volkswagen in the sense that it always feels safe and secure, even when the roads are wet and greasy.And when you do find dry roads, wow, it gives a new meaning to the term pocket-rocket. On first acquaintance the acceleration is downright startling but as you get used to the turn of pace and move into the fast lane of the German Autobhan you realise it has enough firepower to keep up with fast-moving, de-badged Audis and Mercs. At well over 200kmph (the bare minimum required to stay in the fast lane of a derestricted German Autobahn) the Polo felt planted, stable and well in control of proceedings.View offers on Volkswagen Cars from Volkswagen dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

On the handling front, the tweaks to the suspension – wider track and stiffer anti-roll bars – have made the GTi more pointy, more darty and all but eliminated body roll. There’s a lot of bite from the front end, enhanced by the wider and larger 17-inch rubber, and the lifeless steering feels a little less lifeless than in a regular Polo. Step on it on the exit of corners and the XDS+ electronic front differential lock (which mimics torque vectoring) does a game job of cutting inside wheel spin and the associated torque steer delivering great drive, a gratifying exhaust pop on upshifts and minimal fuss. And the latter is the main character trait on the GTi. While it is lively and entertaining, after all 250Nm is a lot for the front tyres to handle, it doesn’t let you go all-out. You can’t switch off ESP completely; you can’t smoke the front tyres and be a complete hooligan.

Volkswagen Polo GTI Price

Volkswagen Polo Gti Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 9,40,363/- (Polo GTI STD) to 9,40,363/- (Polo GTI STD). Get best offers for Volkswagen Polo Gti from Volkswagen Dealers in India

Volkswagen Polo GTI Verdict

The Volkswagen GTI doesn’t have any major negative except the price which is really high since the car is brought down via the CBU route. For someone who wants a practical enough hatchback for daily usage and something that can offer exciting performance, the GTI is a good buy. It also doesn’t look vastly different than a regular Polo and that’s why it won’t draw the kind of attention that probably a MINI Cooper S would. However, people considering the value for money factor should totally stay away from this car since they would possibly compare the GTI to its larger sedan siblings which come with the same engine and gearbox combo for a lesser cost even.


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