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  • March 1, 2019

Land Rover Discovery Sport Facelift First Drive

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Overview

Land Rover is already working on a next-generation Discovery Sport, but with the model still a few years away from arriving, a facelifted version of the current Discovery Sport is making test rounds. The prototype is wrapped in heavy camouflage, but the overall shape of the SUV suggests that there could be a lot of changes made to the updated Discovery Sport ahead of the next-generation model’s arrival in a few years. View offers on Land Rover Cars from Land Rover dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.


Land Rover Discovery Sport,Style

The Discovery Sport has a lot of similarity in styling to an Evoque. Many onlookers even asked if this is the new Evoque and we realised that in colours like white and silver, one could mistake the Discovery Sport as a Range Rover Evoque. Once, the new model year Evoque makes its way into India, we shall note that there is a major difference between the two. To speak of the styling, it has a sleek front grille with pulled back headlamps and DISCOVERY embossed above the grille stating that this is a part of the Discovery family. Land Rover has discontinued the Freelander2 and this is its replacement. There will three families under the Land Rover brand, Range Rover, Discovery and Defender.

The Discovery Sport is the newest member of the Discovery family and it is based on a new platform, which will be used for more Discovery products in the near future. The side profile of the Discovery Sport has a sloping roof, a design that is similar to that of new-generation Land Rovers. The Land Rover design DNA has been retained the clamshell bonnet and the floating roof. The Discovery Sport is certainly a looker.

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Space

If there are any updates to the Discovery Sport”s interior, they’ll probably be minimal at best.As it stands, the current Discovery Sport has one of the cleanest-looking cabins in its segment.It’s defined by its luxury touches, a lot of which can be had as optional add-ons like the twin-needle-stitched leather, genuine metal interior trim, configurable mood lighting, and multi-zone climate control, among others.

The dashboard layout offers a nice blend of refinement and functionality, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Land Rover getting rid of the some of the knobs, buttons, and switches in favor of a more streamlined unit. Perhaps another digital display that can house all these functions?

Space shouldn’t be an issue on the facelifted Discovery Sport. As it stands, the facelifted model will sit on a heavily updated version of Land Rover’s D8 platform. Not only does this platform provide better ride comfort, but it also creates more space in the back, more cargo room, and enough room underneath for those lithium-ion batteries that the hybrid version will at its disposal.

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Engine

Let’s talk about the main thing in question – the 2.0-litre Ingenium oil-burner. Our test car was the HSE trim which means that the engine had the lower 150 PS and 382 Nm tune. Meanwhile, the higher HSE Luxury trim gets a more powerful 190 PS tune from the same engine. The new engine feels very refined and even at higher revs, the engine noise isn’t all that bad. While 150 PS might sound low on paper, it has been tuned very nicely and thus the power delivery is linear. Turbo lag is minimal and the SUV gains pace swiftly. 0-100 km/hr comes up in a notch above 10 seconds though. For Land Rover Discovery Sport check getreadyoregon.org

The engine doesn’t lose steam till about 4500 RPM and it is indeed excellent for cruising, with 100 km/hr in top gear coming in at around 1500 RPM. Most people won’t have a reason to complain while those who really want the extra performance will have to buy the top-most variant. The engine is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox which has been matched to the powerplant rather nicely. Gear shifts happen smoothly though I did feel some jerkiness at low speeds. Toggling Sport mode for the gearbox does make the SUV respond better. Fuel efficiency is pretty good, and we extracted around 10-12 km/l in a mix of city and highway driving. All said and done, I would have liked JLR to offer the same (higher) tune on all variants because a slight difference in fuel economy doesn’t really bother luxury car buyers.

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Driving

Driving in city or the highway you won’t run out of steam. There is sufficient grunt in the engine and makes it easy to drive. Ideally drive it in D mode, the S mode is when you want to sprint ahead but the difference isn’t anything major. In D the engine is comfortable as it is mostly in its power band and this is sufficient to drive.

The ride quality of the Discovery Sport is composed and pliant. This SUV glides over potholes with a hint of stiffness that can be left. All the due credit goes to the engineering team. Drive on bad roads and you won’t complain much. The suspension set up is balanced and doesn’t feel rough or unsettled. The chassis too is stiffer and the alacrity is much better. There is hardly any body roll when compared to the Freelander2 and this is at par with the German rivals. The steering wheel is light and convenient to drive on city and it starts to weigh up once the speed increases. There is nothing to complain in this department. There are multiple off-roading modes as well. These are nearly placed on the centre console freeing up space for more stowage.

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Safety

The Land Rover Discovery Sport gets disc brakes at both ends. On the safety front, it comes with advanced driver assistance features like- speed limiter, cruise control, lane departure and emergency braking. The Driver Pack comprises traffic sign recognition, driver condition monitor, adaptive speed limiter and blind spot monitor.

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Cost in Hyderabad

Land Rover Discovery Sport On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 50,46,586 to 62,15,258 for variants Discovery Sport 2.0l Diesel Pure 5 Seats and Discovery Sport 2.0l Diesel HSE Luxury 5 Seats respectively. Land Rover Discovery Sport is available in 2 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Land Rover Discovery Sport variants price in Hyderabad. Check for Discovery Sport price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

Land Rover Discovery Sport,Conclusion

Land Rover’s plan for the Discovery Sport is taking shape. Some people might dismiss the mode to unveil a facelifted version just as the development of the next-gen unit starts, but I think it’s a smart idea. The facelifted Discovery Sport keeps the model fresh, preventing customers from having to settle on the current version of the SUV as it adds years to its life. I don’t expect big changes from the updated model, but there should be enough of them to establish the model’s place in the segment. A hybrid version is a plus, too.


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