What Is Independent Educational Evaluation


If you disagree with the results of an evaluation conducted by the district, you may request an IEE at public expense. An IEE is conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the school district responsible for the education of your student.

While a request for an IEE is not required to be in writing, a written request is encouraged because it can serve as documentation of when your request was made. When your request for an IEE is granted, the school district must provide you with a list of names of possible examiners and provide the evaluation to you at no cost. Educational Evaluations in US check UT Evaluators

If the school district denies your request for an IEE at public expense, the district must initiate a due process hearing within 15 calendar days to show that its evaluation was appropriate.

How much time does the district have to respond to my request for an IEE?

The school district must respond to your request for an IEE at public expense within 15 calendar days. The district may either (1) grant your request for an IEE or (2) file for a due process hearing to show that its evaluation of your student was appropriate.

Can I use someone not on the district’s list?

Yes. You are not limited to the evaluators provided by the district. Any evaluator you use, however, must meet the school district’s criteria for being qualified to administer the independent evaluation. The district can provide you with information on evaluator qualifications.

What does a “qualified examiner” mean?

A qualified examiner is any examiner that would meet the school district’s own criteria for administering evaluations. Districts may not impose conditions on IEEs that are inconsistent with the criteria it uses for conducting its own evaluations.

Can I pay to have my own private independent evaluation done?

Yes. There is no restriction on having a private independent evaluation completed at your own expense at any time. For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

What is a school district required to do with an IEE?

The school district must consider the results of any IEE that meets district criteria. The school district, however, is not required to adopt all of the recommendations contained within an IEE and must give you Prior Written Notice regarding decisions made about the recommendations made in an IEE.


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