what Are Lipomas & What Are The Symptoms And Causes of Lipomas


Lipomas are basically lumps of fats or a clump of fat cells in the form of the thin fibrous capsule which get deposited under the skin. It is not a life-threatening issue but can cause problems to you in other ways. The lumps are soft, non-cancerous and arenot painful either. These fat lumps are mainly formed on shoulders, neck, back, and arms.

Lipomas can form at any part of body wherever there are fat tissues present. Lipomas can be a clear indicator that the cleansing system of the body is not working up to the mark and it tries to get your attention in cleating the cause of this imbalance. The primary reason behind this is that liver breaks down foods and makes sure that body to absorb specific compounds, but when it is overworked, the levels of fat in the body build up. Because of this deposits are left around the body – these fat deposits are nothing but lipomas.

They can be annoying as they appear unsightly and mostly that is the reason why people want to get rid of them. Lipomas are easy to identify as the fat deposits under the skin move easily with slight finger pressure and feel “doughy” to touch. Although the lipoma is harmless; however, some deposits may continue to grow and turn out to be painful. If they develop in some sensitive body area that is near a nerve, then it can be stressful to the individual. Lipomas are troublesome not because of discomfort but because of disfigurement.

You can initially remove these small lumps through simple remedies, but if a small segment of lipoma remains, it is likely to grow back in size which may need some surgical procedure to remove. It’s better to prevent such situation, and hence we can revise our dietary habits so that they do not re-occur. Make sure you avoid food with high-fat content.Check for the details of Liopma in Wwrdheritage

Lipomas majorly hit the mid-aged people who are between 40 to 60 as at this age the body metabolism slows down and hence the probability of these fat lumps increases. These occur equally in both men and women. Lipomas are rare to be found in youngsters or children. There is genetics also involved in the formation of lipomas as individuals with family histories of lipomas are more prone to developing them.

Symptoms of Lipomas

A. Lipomas are small in size that is about 1-3 cm diameter and are present underneath the skin. They can gradually grow as large as 10cm with years passing by.

B. They are movable and have a rubbery consistency. There may be more than one lump for some individuals.

C. They don’t cause any pain when touched.

D. They become bothersome depending on the size and location. When they are noticeable to others, and people feel uncomfortable about it.

E. They remain of the same size for years till they are safe from any type of infections.

F. At times, lipomas may develop deep inside the body and may cause symptoms such as they press against blood vessels, nerves, or organs.

Causes of Lipoma

The causes of lipomas are not much apparent, the reasons may be some injury which triggers the growth of lipoma or may be due to the way your body handles fatty liver. It may be due to the leaky gut syndrome. People who think that this happens to only obese or overweight people are wrong as being overweight may not be the reason of lipomas.

The major reason which is considered the primary cause of lipoma is that your body is trying to indicate that it needs to get rid of unwanted toxins but because of out of balance it is unable to get rid of unwanted waste through kidneys, intestine or liver. It may be due to unhealthy lifestyles such as poor eating habits, improper diet and lack of physical activity. As a result of that lipomas appear under your skin because when the body cannot eliminate toxins through normal channels, then it tends to release the waste through the largest organ of the body that is skin.

Since the endocrine gland and immune systems are not functioning at 100% all the time, the body encapsulates this unwanted material and get it out of the largest excretory organ of the body that is skin as a result of that you get these noticeable fatty lumps under the skin.

The other reason may be that most people with genetical history tend to develop lipomas.

Listed below are some of the genetic conditions which may lead to the formation of lipomas;

A. Adipose Dolorosa

B. Gardner syndrome

C. Madelung disease

D. Cowden syndrome

E. Familial multiple lipomatosis, leading to multiple lipomas.

The Average Cost of Lipoma Removal

The cost of surgery for the removal of a Lipoma is typically ranges from INR 10,000/- to 25,000/- depending on the case. Please be aware lab and consultation are charged separately, but sometimes Lipomas do not need to be sent to the lab. Lipomas on back, front and shoulders particularly larger Lipomas can be more expensive as they can be considerably more difficult to remove.


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