What Are Gynaecomastia Surgery Side Effects & Risks


Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue or boobs in boys or men. All males have breast tissue, and just as in women, it is under the control of hormones in our bodies. Both men and women produce the ‘male’ hormone testosterone and the ‘female’ hormone estrogen.

Breast tissue responds to high levels of estrogen by growing. Normally in males the level of testosterone is much higher than the level of estrogen, so boobs do not grow. If something upsets this balance, breast tissue can get bigger, causing gynecomastia.

It can be caused by either an increase in the level of estrogen or a decrease in the level of testosterone. This change in the balance of hormones in males causes the breast tissue to grow and the man develops boobs or breasts – gynecomastia. For more details on Gynaecomastia check Iiit-bh

Gynecomastia surgery side effects

The two main side effects after gynecomastia surgery are pain and the presence of scars. Pain should be adequately controlled with simple pain killers. The surgeon will arrange to see the man sometime after the surgery to review the post-surgery results.

The final appearance of the scars depends on the type of surgery and the technique used. Mastectomy for gynecomastia is usually done through a small curved scar just underneath the nipple area.

If keyhole surgery is used, there will be several scars which may be spread across the chest, each only a few millimetres in length. All mastectomy scars should heal well and become barely visible with time.

Gynecomastia surgery risks

Gynecomastia surgery is very safe with few serious risks. Serious problems following surgery are rare, although as with any surgery complications are possible. Possible post-gynecomastia surgery problems include:

A. Pain after gynecomastia surgery

B. Infection of the wounds

C. Collection of swelling fluid under the skin

D. Regrowth of the breast tissue over time

E. Poor appearance of the chest

F. Poor appearance of the scars

Gynecomastia surgery is often carried out by a plastic surgeon, who will be highly experienced in making sure the final appearance is as good as possible. However scars can sometimes be lumpy, meaning the man is unhappy with the outcome.

While this is a recognised side effect of gynecomastia surgery, in some cases a second plastic surgery procedure might be needed to improve the post-surgery appearance. Once the scars have healed they should be barely visible.

Care needs to be taken by the surgeon during the procedure, because if too much breast tissue is taken away under the skin the nipple can ‘stick’ to the chest wall, creating an unsightly result. Whilst the results should be permanent, in some cases the long-term appearance deteriorates as gynecomastia can recur over time, particularly if the man gains weight and fatty tissue regrows.

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