H-1B Visa Filling Checklist 2018

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Learn which documents in the process are required to get H-1B visa

1. To begin the 2019-2020 H-1B visa process and get H-1B visa, you should have an employer willing to sponsor you. The employer should then receive a Labor Condition Application (ETA-9035) & submit the petition to USCIS. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators.

2. G-28 Form with all sections filled out (if obtaining legal representation).

3. Approval of LCA prior to filing I-129 Form (Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker).

4. Completion of the Filing Fee Supplement and Data collection sections on the I-129.

5. In the event that premium processing is selected, the filing fee should be submitted with a separate check or money order plus the I-129 receipt and I-907.

6. The start date on your petition will be October 1, 2019. According to regulations, the petition cannot be filed/approved more than 6 months prior to the beginning date of employment. The end date on the petition should also be the same as the LCA expiration.

7. Double check the details of the LCA to make sure the salary, title, and location all match those noted on the I-129. For more details on H1B Visa check Kmindia

Take a look at our complete list of documents related to the 2019-2020 H-1B visa process and more H-1B filing tips.


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